Gamesuperchampion : PS4 Darksiders 2 "Death-initive" Edition Revealed

[UPDATE] A Nordic Games representative told GameSpot that the PS4 Darksiders II “Death-initive Edition” retail listing is indeed legitimate. More details are coming “soon.”

The original story is below.

2012 action role-playing game is . Now we know what it’s called and what the box art looks like courtesy of an that appears to have gone live early.

The new version is reportedly called the “Deathinitive Edition,” a title that it both amazing and terrible. In Darksiders II, you play as Death, one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse; so the name does make some sense.

The $40 Deathinitive Edition is listed only for , while the page provides a December 31, 2015 placeholder release date. There is no word on an version.

We’ve contacted publisher Nordic Games for more details.

Darksiders II was one of the final releases from , and was in August 2012.

Upon its launch on , , and , GameSpot critic Kevin VanOrd : “Darksiders II is remarkably well put together, particularly in light of its impressive scope.”

The Darksiders franchise. However, Nordic Games later.

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