Gamesuperchampion : PS4 Now Lets You Vote for Next Free PS Plus Game

Sony is rolling out new PlayStation Network functionality that lets users vote for what game they want to see added to the PlayStation Plus free game lineup next.

This comes from a in the UK who says a video popped up describing a new feature called “Vote to Play.” According to the image below, you’ll have a choice of three games. The one with the most votes after a set period of time will be added to the following month’s .

The other two titles, meanwhile, will reportedly be available at discounts for PS Plus users. A video describing the new Vote to Play feature is viewable from the What’s New section of the PS4 dashboard.

Another image reveals that the first games in the Vote to Play menu are , , and . Grow Home, developed as an experimental project at Ubisoft, has not yet been officially announced for PS4, though the publisher has .

Presumably, these would be options for September’s free PS Plus games, as .

GameSpot has followed up Sony in an attempt to get more details about the new Vote to Play feature.

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