Gamesuperchampion : PS4 Star Wars Custom Console Looks Amazing

Engineer Edward Zarick, builder of, has revealed his latest creation–and it certainly does not disappoint. It’s a custom laptop themed around R2-D2 from Star Wars.

Not only is the case itself gorgeous (“it kind of pays respect to the ,” Zarick says) but it also features R2 sound effects and lighting, and 3D printed parts. Press a button and R2 will even “talk” to you.

For a closer look at the R2-D2 “PlayBook 4,” as it’s called, check out the video and image gallery below.

Zarick that the console was “my most favorite system to work on to date.” Some of his past creations included and , among other things.

He builds custom consoles for order, but said he made this one just for a “fun challenge.” Visit to see more of his creations and to place an order.

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