Gamesuperchampion : PSA: GTA 5's Next Free Update Is Out Now, Includes Super Yacht and More

[UPDATE] Rockstar has now announced that the update has gone live across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The developer also shared some new images and.

Read the for all the details about Executives and Other Criminals, but here are some highlights.

Any player with more than $1 million in GTA money in their Maze bank account can choose to become a VIP. Do that and you can make and name your own organization and hire up to three other players as your bodyguards. VIP players can access a new “SecuroServ” menu to tailor these settings.

Players looking to become a bodyguard can set their status as “looking for work” from within the SecuroServ menu. If accepted into an organization, bodyguards will receive a periodic salary of $5,000 in GTA Online funds. VIP players can give bodyguards ammo and vehicles, including the new Turreted Limo. VIPs can also utilize a service called Ghost Organization, which temporarily removes their entire organization from the game’s radar.

New Game Types and More for Freemode:

Descriptions courtesy of Rockstar

Hostile Takeover, an unknown package is held within a restricted area, and organizations compete to collect the package and deliver it to a set location. Sounds deceptively simple, but when the ‘package’ is a tank held inside Fort Zancudo, things get tricky fast.

Asset Recovery sends your organization to LSPD stations around the city to recover impounded vehicles. It’s up to your outfit to free up those assets and return them to a designated location, while the cops and other players in the session will be looking to destroy your vehicles.

Piracy Prevention is attack and defense on the decks of a luxurious Super Yacht. Defending players spawn on the yacht while attacking players spawn on shore with access to boats, helis and Seasharks ready to head out and capture the upper deck.

Executive Deathmatch puts rival organizations in a Deathmatch-style battle inside of Freemode, with each VIP allotted just 10 lives.

Most Wanted: The heat is right around the corner, with all players in the organization hit with a 5-star wanted level. With a countdown of 10 minutes, the last player alive wins the challenge.

Market Manipulation: All open convenience stores are blipped on the map. Players have to race from store to store in a hold-up spree to collect as much money as possible. When time counts down, the player with the most money wins.

Auto Buyout: Players must steal and deliver as many vehicles as they can. Every vehicle has a specific value displayed when you enter the vehicle, so choose your acquisitions carefully. The player with the highest total value of vehicles delivered at the end of the timer wins.

Other new features:

  • 10 Stilt Houses are now for sale around Vinewood Hills, each equipped with a 10-car Garage and a Heist Planning Room
  • 3 Custom Apartments for sale in Eclipse Towers, with 8 customizable themed interiors.
  • 10 new cars for sale, including a Turreted Limo and 6 new executive vehicles with armored variations.
  • 2 new helicopters – SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon.
  • 2 new weapons, the Magnum Revolver and Switchblade, each with VIP and Bodyguard variants.
  • Players will now have the ability to purchase a fifth Garage or Apartment.
  • New clothing and accessories, including Robes, Smoking Jackets, Pyjamas, and Swimwear.

Image Gallery:

The original story is below.

Rockstar Games is giving fans another reason to play. The next update for Grand Theft Auto Online, , arrives today, December 15.

As announced previously, this update–like the most recent ones before it–is coming to , , and. Last-generation players are again left out (more on that below).

The new update adds new modes, missions, and items, as well as a way for players to hire other players as bodyguards. You can .

For a closer look, you can watch the trailer above.

Rockstar is focusing on continuing to deliver updates like Executives and Other Criminals for GTA V to keep the game alive, but is .

By Take-Two’s latest count, . Are you going to jump back in today to try the new update? Let us know in the comments below.

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