Gamesuperchampion : PlayStation TV Being Discontinued in Japan

Sony has announced it’s discontinuing PlayStation TV in Japan.

The system’s now carries the label “出荷完了,” which reports translates to “End of Shipments.” A specific end-date was not provided, but the site reports that the system itself and the bundle that also comes with a DualShock 3 and memory card are both being discontinued.

PlayStation TV remains available for sale in North America. We have contacted Sony in an attempt to get more details on the Japanese discontinuation and what, if anything, it means for the west.

DualShockers reports that PlayStation TV was not a big hit in Japan, selling around 185,000 units since its launch in the region in November 2013. The device and arrived in Europe a month later.

PlayStation TV launched at $99, but retailers have since cut the price down significantly. You can now buy the system for under $50 at.

The microconsole can play many games in addition to digital PlayStation One and PSP games. Through Remote Play, PlayStation TV can be used to stream games from one PS4 console in your home onto a separate television that the PlayStation TV is connected to.

In addition, it supports PlayStation Now, allowing users to stream titles to the device.

GameSpot’s PlayStation TV review explained that it “performs a lot of tasks, although it doesn’t necessarily perform them well.” Check out our full video review above.

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