Gamesuperchampion : Real Beetles Live in This Detailed Fallout Lego Terrarium

A creative and committed fan has built a Fallout terrarium vault out of Lego bricks for beetles. their creation recently and it’s impressive ().

The terrarium is home to flying flower beetles, but because they don’t live very long, the occupants of Vault 111 change regularly, according to Bethesda.

“Imagine all the beetles who’ve come together to enjoy a day in the life of this insect paradise after a hard day’s night (Beatles puns intentional),” the publisher said.

The 45X45X45 (cm) vault is a sight to behold. It features a 3D-printed Vault 111 door as well as some Nuka Cola printed machines. It’s also outfitted with a range of out-of-proportion furniture and even a broken-down Codsworth, among other things.

to see a full visual documentation of the build process.

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