Gamesuperchampion : Star Citizen Gets a Free Retro 2D Shooter

Those who backed can already play limited parts of the game in Arena Commander and soon in the first person shooter module Star Marine, but it’s going to a while before we get our hands on a finished product. Until then, you could play a finished version of Star Citizen reimagined as an old arcade game.

Hyper Vanguard Force IV, as it’s called, is a free 2D shooter in the style of Galaga and 1942 based on Star Citizen’s ship designs and story. It was made by Montreal-based game creators and who designed all the assets themselves based on official Star Citizen concept art. It was then integrated into Star Citizen’s website by Turbulent, one of the game’s developers.

You can find the game .

In other Star Citizen news, developer Cloud Imperium Games recently published about the state of the space game’s upcoming FPS module, now called Star Marine.

The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen continues to soar. The game’s total funding at just under $82 million.

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