Gamesuperchampion : Star Citizen Passes $100 Million in Funding

, already the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in history, has now reached new, astronomical heights. The space simulator has now eclipsed more than $100 million in funding in the three years since the game’s original Kickstarter campaign started in October 2012.

$100 million was the figure that Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts said a year ago (when funding stood at $64 million) he. By no means is development finished on Star Citizen, and all additional funds will go toward the game’s continued production.

The $100 million milestone was achieved today, December 12. Video game production budgets are tricky to nail down, but there are some examples that come from straight from the source. , while .

A new trailer for Star Citizen was released during The Game Awards last week, focusing on everything that’s available right now through the game’s 2.0 alpha. Portions of Star Citizen are currently playable through various modules. A release date for the full, finished version of Star Citizen has not been announced.

In other recent news about Star Citizen, developer Cloud Imperium Games has revealed the star-studded cast for its campaign mode, Squadron 42. .

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