Gamesuperchampion : Star Wars Battlefront Infographic Reveals New Beta Stats

Electronic Arts has shared new details about the recently concluded beta. We already knew that it attracted , making it the biggest in EA history. But now, EA has that 6 million of those players reached the max level of 5, unlocking the Jump Pack perk.

In addition, the infographic shows that Battlefront players together logged 1.6 billion minutes, which is enough time to watch the original Star Wars trilogy (which Battlefront is based on) 4.2 million times. On top of that, players destroyed 783,392 Walkers and spawned as Darth Vader (5,938,148) and Luke Skywalker (5,904,806) almost equally. Check out all the stats in the image below.

Battlefront launches on November 17 for , , and . In other recent news, developer DICE has announced and revealed that in the game.

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