Gamesuperchampion : Street Fighter 5 Adds Vega, But He Looks and Plays Differently

‘s roster continues to grow today, as Capcom confirmed that Spanish ninja Vega has joined the mix as the latest confirmed playable character for the upcoming fighting game.

His mask and claw from previous games are carried forward with Street Fighter V, but this time he’s wearing a shirt. Also, while Vega will retain his famous speed and dexterity, he now has two modes: with claw and without. With his claw sheathed, Vega gains access to other moves, including a command grab.

“Knowing when to toggle between the two styles will be the key to success, and it also allows for new combo possibilities,” Capcom.

In addition, Vega in Street Fighter V cannot pick up his claw once it’s knocked off. As such, those who play with Vega will want to learn both fighting modes if they want to succeed.

Gamescom attendees this week can try out Vega at the Sony booth on the show floor.

Street Fighter V launches in for and. The game . For a closer look at Vega, check out some images in the gallery below.

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