Gamesuperchampion : Street Fighter 5 Getting Three More Brand-New Characters

In addition to , upcoming fighting game is getting three more characters never before seen in the acclaimed fighting game series. Street Fighter brand director Matt Dahlgren shared the detail today at the in Las Vegas in a conversation about the game’s wider roster.

Street Fighter V will have 16 characters in all at launch. Eight are classic characters that you’d expect in a Street Fighter game, such as Ryu and Chun-Li; another four are characters from previous games not seen in a while, including R. Mika and Nash. The final four are brand new characters, the first of which is the . The next three will be announced in the months leading up to Street Fighter V’s launch in March 2016. After that, Capcom plans to.

“The roster discussion is probably the most intense one internally before the game comes out,” Dahlgren said, noting that Capcom consulted “experts” and even conducted a fan poll to see which characters players wanted the most.

“The end result is really going to be a roster that’s unlike ,” he added. “It’s got its own unique flavor to it. And if your character didn’t make it in now, we are going to be revealing post-launch characters.”

To see all the Street Fighter V characters confirmed so far, check out .

Street Fighter V launches in for PS4 and. Earlier this week, Capcom announced a version of the game and.

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