Gamesuperchampion : System Shock 3 Confirmed With Ex-Looking Glass, BioShock Devs Attached

A announcing System Shock 3 has gone live with Boston-based OtherSide Entertainment attached to the project.

The website features a timer set to reveal the game in five days as of press time. A separate page, however, which appears to have gone live in error, features the logo System Shock 3.

Paul Neurath, the founder of the original System Shock creator Looking Glass Studios, is listed as the founder of OtherSide. Other key figures at OtherSide include Joe Fielder, a former GameSpot editor, whose portfolio includes games such as BioShock Infinite and Boom Blox.

Currently, no further details about the game are available.

On November 12, Night Dive Studios, the team behind the of , revealed it has and is working on a full remake of the first game.

Additionally, Night Dive said it is discussing a brand new entry in the series, but may partner with another studio for this.

“To really do another game in that series is going to take resources and time and commitment that we don’t have, and it’s really not our core business,” said chief executive Stephen Kick.

It is unclear whether Night Dive Studios is involved with, or has sanctioned, OtherSide Entertainment’s System Shock 3 project.

OtherSide Entertainment is also currently working on a sequel to Ultima Underworld, following its which generated $860,356 through crowdfunding.

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