Gamesuperchampion : These Star Wars PS2 Games Now Available Individually on PS4

Three of the -era Star Wars games included with the bundle are now available to buy individually on PS4. The games are , , and , and you’ll find PlayStation Store download links below the image.

All of the games feature up-rendered 1080p graphics. They also all include Trophies and support for PlayStation services like Shareplay, Remote Play with , and activity feeds.

PlayStation Store PS4 Download Links:

Bounty Hunter and Racer Revenge are also available on .

also came with the Battlefront PS4 bundle–but it’s .

These games cost $10 each. Sony’s does not exactly constitute backwards compatibility, however, as you’ll have to buy these again even if you already own them and still have the discs.

Do you plan to pick up the classic Star Wars games on PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

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