Gamesuperchampion : This Gorgeous Fallout 4 Lithograph Is Now Available for Order

Over on Bethesda’s online store, a new lithograph is now available for preorder, but you’ll likely need to act fast if you want the larger, special-edition version.

The lithograph, which shows , is available in and . If you opt for the limited edition, you’ll be paying a premium–$65 compared with $25 for the standard one. But you’ll also be getting a bigger version; the standard edition is just 24″ x 11″, while the limited edition measures in at 37″ x 16″. The latter is also individually numbered, with foil embellishments on the title and Fallout logos.

Only 500 of the limited edition version are available. While they (like the standard edition) won’t begin shipping until September 10, you can place an order now to ensure you get your hands on one. You should know that you’ll be charged in full now, though you’ll be able to get a refund if you cancel the order before it ships.

Fallout 4 is due out not long afterward, on November 10. It’ll be available on , , and . It last month, and may .

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