Gamesuperchampion : Tonight's Halo 5 Livestream May Bring News About Things "Beyond Halo"

Tonight’s six-hour, New Year’s Eve-style “Halo 5: Live” event is already packed with cool-sounding stuff like and . But the event may have news beyond just Halo, according to recent comments from an Xbox higher-up.

Xbox engineering boss Mike Ybarra “I encourage everyone to watch Halo 5: Live. You might hear about things beyond Halo.” He ended this tweet with a winky face–read into that however you want.

Another fan asked Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg if fans can expect announcements tonight about things outside of the Halo franchise. Greenberg didn’t confirm or deny, saying only that fans should to watch the event, which begins at 6 PM EDT and runs through the game’s release at midnight.

Microsoft is producing Halo 5: Live in partnership with YouTube. The event will be by Microsoft’s Major Nelson as well as Geoff Keighley, Blair Herter, and Jessica Chobot.

Halo 5 launches tomorrow, October 27, exclusively for (). We’re until after the game’s live servers go live to test them. For more on our impressions of the game so far,.

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