Gamesuperchampion : [UPDATE] Xbox Live Servers Currently Experiencing Issues, Snoop Dogg Has Noticed

UPDATE: The official account has announced that Xbox Live services have been restored. It also advises users to cycle their Xbox One consoles before attempting to connect to the service again.

The original story follows below.

Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues with certain social and gaming-related features. In-game matchmaking, messages, and parties are some of the areas that are being reported as affected. The shows that the services are limited at this time.

The has acknowledged the problems.

“We’re looking into some troubles with Xbox Live,” the account. “Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates: “

Among the players affected is hip hop superstar Snoop Dogg, who took to Instagram to tell Microsoft he’s going to switch to PlayStation if it doesn’t fix its servers.

We’ll have more details on the limited service issue as they become available.

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