Gamesuperchampion : Ultra-Rare Star Wars Toy Hits Ebay for $150,000

If you’re a huge Star Wars fan, or have a lot of extra money you don’t know what to do with, then a very expensive Boba Fett toy might be of interest to you. An ultra-rare Boba Fett prototype has hit Ebay .

The Ebay seller, who goes by the username , claims that the Boba Fett prototype is the “rarest, greatest Star Wars action figure in the world.” The seller also says that it’s “one of a kind,” as it’s the original prototype that was on display at the 1979 Toy Fair (via ).

According to the seller, this is the same Boba Fett figure that appeared on Pawn Stars on its January 6 episode, The Pawn Awakens.

If $150 large is a bit too rich for your taste, and you just want a Boba Fett toy, .

If you’re interested in other Star Wars toys, GameSpot put together . Manufacturer Hot Toys released , and GameSpot got the chance to .

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