Gamesuperchampion : Uncharted 4 Is Nathan Drake's Final Chapter, Developer Says

Earlier this week, co-director Neil Druckmann suggested in an interview with GameSpot that the upcoming game to star Nathan Drake. Now, that seems like a sure thing, based on new comments from another Naughty Dog developer.

“[Druckmann and Bruce Straley], our directors, they have a vision [for Uncharted 4],” lead designer Kurt Margenau said during GameSpot’s E3 2015 livestream today. “We are fulfilling that vision and it’s going to be awesome. It’s Nathan Drake’s final chapter, so I think fans are going to be happy.”

From , here’s what Druckmann had to say on the subject of bringing an end to Nathan Drake’s story:

“The first three games were the set-up, and if we were to do one more, how would we top it all off? How would we bring Nathan Drake’s journey to a close? Everything we’re doing [with Uncharted 4] is constructed towards that; Bringing closure to a very long journey.”

Speculation about Uncharted 4 being the final entry in Drake’s saga began when the game’s ominous subtitle, A Thief’s End, was first mentioned. The game’s announcement trailer also showed an older, more weather Drake; someone who might not be fit for another adventure.

Even if Uncharted 4 is the final entry in Drake’s saga, we would be surprised if it was the last game in the series overall. After all, Uncharted is a tentpole Sony franchise; sales have been strong with and a .

As for who might take over for Drake if there is to be an Uncharted 5, that remains to be seen.

You can watch our full Uncharted 4 interview with Margenau below.

Uncharted 4 launches in spring 2016 exclusively for PS4.

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