Gamesuperchampion : Watch Destiny Players Complete Nearly Impossible Task in Raid

If you’ve played ‘s Vault of Glass raid, you know about the Gorgons. For the first time, one team has managed to kill every one of them in the Gorgon section of the raid.

The Gorgon section is really the only “stealth” sequence in the entire game, and it requires you to pass through a maze of eight of the creatures without being seen. If they catch sight of you, they’ll cast a curse on your team which kills everyone within a few seconds. You can shoot them, but it’s incredibly difficult to kill more than one or two–the surviving Gorgons gain strength after one dies, eventually becoming invulnerable.

But one group of Destiny players has figured out how to coordinate so that it’s possible to kill every single one. Each of the six members of the fireteam destroys one Gorgon at the same time, then they join back up and kill the last two together. In the successful run, they get it done in less than 30 seconds, which is the time it takes for a Gorgon to respawn.

came up with the strategy to kill them all. Unfortunately, nothing happened–they didn’t get any reward or secret when all the Gorgons were dead. However, it’s still a pretty awesome feat of coordination and skill.

Destiny is getting a new raid with this September’s release of The Taken King, the game’s next expansion. You can check out .

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