Gamesuperchampion : Watch GTA 5's Fan-Made Recreation of Teletubbies Intro

Having already recreated the intros for TV shows like, , and in , YouTube’s is back with another stunning piece of work. His latest video recreates the Teletubbies intro inside of the decidedly adult world of Los Santos.

A side-by-side comparison (below) shows that Merfish did a darn good job with this one, especially considering what they had to work with. You’ll also notice some extra flourishes thrown into Merfish’s video to provide a uniquely GTA spin on the BBC children’s show.

For example, one scene shows Trevor (acting as Tinky-Winky) performing a hand gesture that might not sit so well with parents. In another segment, Michael (playing the role of Po), murders Lamar (Laa-Laa) with a blunt force melee weapon. It’s all very funny and yet another example of the creativity and ongoing commitment of the GTA V community, years after the game’s initial release.

“One of the chief disappointments of my childhood was being too old to truly enjoy Telletubbies,” Merfish wrote in the video’s description. “Oh the life I could have lived.”

Head to to see more of their work.

GTA V parent publisher Take-Two recently revealed that . Updates for the multiplayer mode , with the latest coming in the form of a .

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