Gamesuperchampion : Watch Halo 5's Master Chief Get Painted onto a London Building

[Update]: In keeping with game’s story, the mural has now been defaced to reflect the UNSC’s statement that Master Chief has betrayed mankind.

With just weeks left until the release of , Microsoft’s marketing machine is kicking into gear. Closer to release, we imagine there will be an billboard adverts, and more.

Until then, we’re likely to get a trickle of Halo 5 themed promotion, and the first of these is a rather cool video of Master Chief mural being painted onto the side of a building in London.

The exclusively for . Recently, the Serial-style “Hunt the Truth” podcast series returned for its .

Halo 5’s story follows Fireteam Osiris as they attempt to track down and capture Master Chief, who has seemingly broken ranks to go on a rogue mission.

According to Halo franchise development director Frank O’Connor, in “really important ways.”

Creative director Tim Longo added: “There are catastrophic, big events going on all across the galaxy when it comes to the Guardians.”

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