Gamesuperchampion : Watch Rare Show Off Canceled Conker Xbox Game Gettin' Medieval

from , today releasing a new entry centered around a canceled Conker game.

Called Conker: Gettin’ Medieval (mistakenly spelled “Getin'” in the video), this was be an online-only multiplayer game for the original Xbox. The project came about following the completion of , the remake for Xbox that added online multiplayer. This dispels the previous notion that Gettin’ Medieval was a sequel to Bad Fur Day.

“My interest was in multiplayer,” says Bad Fur Day director (and Conker voice actor) Chris Seavor in the video. “That’s where I saw the best scope for me, as a designer, to do something new and interesting. I wanted to take that idea and just do a game like that, where it was complete online. It was a bunch of levels that chained and you could come in with your mates and fight with other people. It was cooperative in the same that a team game is cooperative.”

With the game being called Gettin’ Medieval, a key aspect of this was going to be siege warfare. Rather than Conker, who would have been relegated to a “guest appearance,” Death was going to be the main character, and the game was going to be all about “the world of Conker.” Historical counterparts for existing Conker characters were developed, a number of which you can see in the video.

The Conker series had been dormant for quite some time, but was recently . As for a proper sequel, nothing was in the works as of earlier this year, but .

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