Gamesuperchampion : Watch Thrilling New Uncharted 4 Story Trailer

Naughty Dog has released a new story trailer for , offering some clues and hints about Nathan Drake’s final adventure. This video, which director Neil Druckmann the “best trailer in Naughty Dog’s history,” contains some story spoilers, of course. Check it out below.

The video focuses on the relationship between Nathan Drake and his brother Sam. Drake is pulled back in for one final adventure, and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy. The video also shows off some new characters, as well as some flashback scenes with young Nathan and Sam.

“As you can see, there’s quite a bit at stake for Nathan Drake’s closing chapter,” directors Druckmann and Straley . “The team is working extremely hard to deliver our most ambitious game to date. We can’t tell you how excited we all are for you to play the final game.”

They went on to say that Naughty Dog is planning to show “plenty more” of A Thief’s End before its release on April 26. This will include new screenshots, behind-the-scenes videos, and general game information, all of which will be divulged “on a regular basis.”

Today’s new trailer comes just hours after .

A Thief’s End was, but was later and. A will launch in April alongside the game.

As Naughty Dog has said time and again, A Thief’s End is, though the franchise could continue with a new studio. It is also.

In addition to A Thief’s End, .

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