Gamesuperchampion : Watch the 2015 Game Awards Right Here [UPDATE]

Update 8PM PT: The show is over and a winner has been crowned. You can watch our replay below if you want to experience the entire thing first hand, or .

And if you just want the good parts, you can

The 2015 Game Awards, the year-end awards show that’s expected to bring new game announcements and more, airs tonight at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST. You’ll be able to watch the entire event right here on GameSpot through the embed below.

The event is scheduled to run (compared to three hours last year), and there will be Some of these will be new game announcements, while others will take the form of new trailers and footage for games we already know about.

People like will also appear on stage to hand out awards. , including a nod for Game of the Year. We’ll have a complete roundup of winners for you tonight as they’re announced.

These awards were voted on by a panel of judges that includes GameSpot’s Ben Howard.

There will also be . For more on The Game Awards, check out the stories below.

  • Where was Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima?

And be sure to

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