Gamesuperchampion : Weekly Recap: Xbox One Can Do Things PS4 Can't, Fallout 4 to Outsell Skyrim


Xbox One Exec: We’re Doing Things That “Can’t Be Done” on PS4: Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda said in a newly published interview that the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, cross-play, and cross-buy features give it the upper hand when compared to the PlayStation 4 and other systems. Get his full quotes.

Fallout 4 Could Outsell Skyrim: 2011’s Skyrim was a juggernaut, with more than 20 million copies sold. But Fallout 4 could do even better and outsell it, Bethesda’s Pete Hines.

Destiny Taken King News Blowout: We learned a lot more about Destiny this week through the first of three planned livestream events for the shooter. Double vault space, Gjallarhorn changes, and new Light Level details are just some of what Bungie talked about this week. See a roundup of news, images, and videos for all the announcements .


Eurogamer has an excellent, in-depth feature on the launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Readto hear a reporter’s first-hand account of being on the ground at CD Projekt Red’s offices in Poland on the day the game launched and what it meant to the team.

Maryland-based jam band O.A.R. wants one of their songs in Rock Band 4, as the group is actively to request songs via the official Rock Band song request page. Which song should it be?

Kotaku’s has a great deep-dive feature that launches into the question: “Why Is Star Citizen Taking So Long?” to hear directly from developers, including creator Chris Roberts.

has a new “Glitch” power-up that lets you rewind in time a few seconds. As this video demonstrates, it can be super handy–if you’re lucky, that is. How frustrating for the other guy!

GameFly’s new streaming service, which it’s calling the “Netflix of games,” is . The company announced that the streaming service is now available on Samsung Smart TVs in the US, Canada, and eight other European countries.

may be ten years old, but Blizzard isn’t done supporting it yet. The developer this week released a huge update that makes a variety of changes. See the .

Six days in, and Twitch Plays Dark Souls is a total, glorious mess. It was always going to be a trainwreck, but now we have proof. They’ve barely made it anywhere. It’s both amazing and painful to watch. See for yourself.

The new Hitman: Agent 47 movie opened in theaters on Friday, but, despite its overwhelmingly negative critical reception, it looks like it won’t be the last. The film’s end-credits scene not-so-subtly teases a forthcoming sequel. Head to get all the details.

EA’s mobile game based on The Simpsons, called Tapped Out, has received its latest update. The new update is based on the iconic Monorail episode of the animated show. Get all the details .

Could we someday seecontent in ? Driveclub developer Evolution Studios . That’d be great, right?!

After their debut last year, The Game Awards have been renewed for 2015. This year’s awards show will be held, like last year’s, in December, organizer Geoff Keighley this week.

Boston-based independent developer Disruptor Beam is gearing up for the launch of its next game, Star Trek Timelines. This week, they released a nice little video that speaks to the developer’s creative processes and more. And there’s even a surprise appearance by Star Trek’s John de Lancie.

Trion Worlds’ -like PC game has reached 1 million monthly active users, the developer announced this week. The milestone comes less than one month after launch. Trove is a free-to-play game available now on Steam.

Physics-based RTS is out now on Steam Early Access. Get it today for $20, and you’ll also receive a free copy to gift to a friend. For more, check out the gameplay trailer below and about the game’s Early Access period.

Here’s a great new TV spot for the upcoming mobster movie, Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp as notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. The movie hits theaters on September 18.

Attending PAX Prime later this month? Like EDM? If you, so may be happy to learn that Steve Aoki will play a free show at the event to promote NetEase’s mobile game, Speedy Ninja. All you need is a PAX pass to get in. More details are available.

Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya would really like to make a game with Capcom, he says in. Of course, Kamiya worked at Capcom for a while before leaving to start Platinum, so he probably still has more than a few friends over there.

At D23 this past weekend, Disney unveiled some grand designs for new theme park/attraction areas for its parks, including some based on Avatar. In short, they look stunning. Take a look at some images and get more details .

A new report from Kotaku sheds more light on Konami’s reported controlling culture. Among other things, the report claims Konami has a division called the “Internal Audit Office” that “checks internal communication, such as email, Konami’s closed circuit cameras, and monitors who leaves and enters the company.” Get the full story .

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