Gamesuperchampion : World War 2 FPS Battalion 1944 Stretch Goals Revealed, Include Campaign and More

The stretch goals for World War II shooter have finally been revealed, along with a new trailer titled “The Final Sprint,” a reference to the close of the Kickstarter campaign in the coming week.

In a, developer Bulkhead Interactive said it purposefully held back the game’s stretch goals because it wanted to get community feedback first.

“We’ve been working day and night to be able to show you exactly what we want to add to the game,” it said. “At Bulkhead, we don’t do half measures.”

The first stretch goal, unlocked at £225,000, was for the hiring of a full-time community manager, which Bulkhead has now done. The next one is enhanced particle effects (“hyper-real smoke and explosions”) which was just unlocked today, February 25, when funding passed £250,00 (funding currently stands at £250,259). Should funding reach £275,000, the studio will add a Currahee Mountain Bootcamp map, inspired by the TV show Band of Brothers. This will be a place where players can practice in an offline setting.

If funding makes it to £300,000, a new multiplayer map based on the events of D-Day will be created

“As you can imagine this will be an interesting challenge for our level designers as balancing the events of D-Day into a balanced map will be a tough task and one which we can’t wait to develop,” it said.

Here are the other stretch goals:

  • £325,000 — British forces join the fight. This will include character sets and weapons like the Lee-Enfeild bolt action rifle and the Sten sub-machine gun
  • £350,000 — More cosmetic items
  • £400,00 — Eastern front (including Russian soldiers and weapons) added, including PPSh-41 gun
  • £500,000 — “Behind Enemy Lines” offline mode (fight against waves of enemy AI)
  • £600,000 — Pacific Theater added (“Fight the Japanese across maps set in the Pacific, South-East Asia, and in China”)
  • £1,200,000 — Single-player campaign (“Good single player campaigns aren’t cheap to make, there’s no ‘add single player’ button for us; it would cost a lot of time and money to make, hence the large funding goal”)

On the subject of the single-player campaign, Bulkhead stressed that Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer-focused shooter at heart and this mindset won’t change even if enough money is raised for a campaign.

Bulkhead also announced today that every backer who raises their pledge to any tier above £25 will get a new bonus in the form of an art book for Battalion 1944.

You can guarantee yourself a copy of the game, which is expected to launch in May 2017 for , , and , by pledging at least £15 ($21). to see all of the other pledge tiers and rewards. Funding comes to a close in six days, ending March 3.

The multiplayer shooter aims to capture the “core of classic multiplayer shooters” while using the “most advanced industry technology.” You can or check out some just-released screenshots of the stretch goal content in the gallery below.

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