Gamesuperchampion : Xbox One Controllers With Buttons on the Back Are All the Rage, Another Announced

With both and delivering new controllers that feature inputs on the back, PowerA is now the latest company to join the fray.

The accessory company this week announced the Fusion Pro controller. This is a new Xbox One controller that features four buttons on the rear where your fingertips sit. These can be assigned to whatever inputs you wish. PowerA boasts that the controller offers “superior ergonomics,” with “platter-style” analog sticks, custom lighting with 225 color combos, trigger locks (making it so you don’t have to pull the triggers all the way to get the full input), and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The Fusion Pro lacks some of the features that the competition offers–Microsoft’s Elite controller lets you , the Razer Wildcat , and both are wireless and include carrying cases. But the Fusion Pro costs almost half the price; the Elite and Wildcat are each set to retail for $150, while PowerA’s controller will cost only $80. That’s still a premium over the standard Xbox One controller, but it might be your cheapest option if you want the additional buttons.

Like those controllers, the Fusion Pro connects with a 9.8-foot USB cable. All three are set to launch in October, with the Fusion Pro coming on October 26.

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