Gamesuperchampion : Xbox One Gets Prototype 1 and 2 Bundle

[Update] An official trailer has emerged indicating the Prototype Biohazard Bundle is out now on PS4, too. Activision have revealed the bundle will include “full HD visuals”, as well as an improved frame rate and increased texture resolution. Finally, the publisher announced that Prototype and Prototype 2 will come to current gen individually on August 11 in North America.

You can check out the trailer below.

The original story is below.

A bundle which includes action games and is now available for purchase on the, Microsoft announced today. Called the Prototype Biohazard Bundle, the announcement was detailed on the site.

The bundle is priced at $49.99 on the US Xbox Store and includes downloadable content. Together the games are approximately a 17GB download. Prototype was first released in 2009 for the and and follows the story of Alex Mercer, a man who possesses shape-shifting abilities and has lost his memory. The game was well-received in . Reviewer Justin Calvert praised Prototype for its intriguing protagonist and storyline, as well as its ability to be challenging without becoming frustrating.

A sequel, Prototype 2, was released in 2012 and carries on from the story of its predecessor through the eyes of a new character. The game was , although it was criticized for not bringing anything particularly new or inventive to the series. Developer Radical Entertainment has since been downsized, with remaining staff allocated to various Activision Publishing sectors.

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