Gamesuperchampion : Xur Is Selling the Gjallarhorn, Destiny's Most Coveted Weapon

Gjallarhorn, arguably the most coveted weapon in , is currently being sold by Xur, the mysterious merchant that appears once a week to peddle exotic wares.

The rocket launcher is part of Xur’s latest inventory refresh and marks the second time the weapon has been sold. Although it isn’t particularly useful in PvP, the weapon bestows significant advantages in PvE, even allowing players to solo high-level raids and make short work of bosses such as Crota.

Elitist “Gjallarhorn only” groups are also likely to become a thing of the past. Xur can be found at the bar near the jukebox, and his Gjallarhorn is being sold for 17 Strange Coins.

Other items he is selling include , , and for 13 Strange Coins. As always, all items will stop being available on Sunday at 9AM UK time (1 AM PST).

Destiny’s The Taken King expansion has a confirmed release date of September 15. As well as new content, many of the weapons are expected to be rebalanced, chief among them the Gjallarhorn. So enjoy its awesome destructive power while you can.

The Taken King will also make and give .

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