Gamesuperchampion : "We Are Not Working on Fable 4," Lionhead Says

Lionhead Studios is not currently working on Fable 4, the UK developer said today on Twitter. As you’d expect, the developer is instead focusing on upcoming and game , which the studio says will remain the company’s priority “for the foreseeable future.”

That game is due out sometime later this year. Lionhead plans to support the role-playing game with a of DLC for a if everything goes well.

This isn’t the first time the subject of Fable 4 has come up. In a , director David Eckelberry was asked if Lionhead was pressured by Microsoft to make a “safer” Fable game like Fable 4 after the’s Kinect game .

“No,” Eckelberry said. “Microsoft has always encouraged Lionhead’s history and practice of innovation, and when we came to the Xbox leadership with the core of the idea for Fable Legends, they were almost as enthusiastic as we were.”

Fable Legends is due to launch this year on , though a specific release date has not been announced. The game is also coming to (), but Microsoft has not yet said if it will launch on the same day as the console edition, with which it will support cross-platform play.

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