gamesuperchampion – How Heroes Brawl will change everything

We look at the new Heroes Brawl spotlight as well as delve into how Brawl mode will change the face of Heroes for the better.

If you haven’t seen the new spotlight, check it out now. Heck, watch it again, it’s so good.  Did you spot the 6.5/10 Easter egg? Also, between the spotlight and preview matches, it seems like with Brawl we’ll be getting some sweet new sound assets!  You can read more about Heroes Brawl on the official Heroes post here.

What we know so far

  1. Heroes Brawl will be available on the PTR starting October 10th
  2. Heroes Brawl is slotted to go live on the main servers October 17th
  3. Heroes Brawl will be available at all times with new Brawls coming out every Thursday.
  4. Play three brawls each week for 1000 gold and the unique brawl portrait!

Why Brawl will be huge

You get to practice heroes you own without laning

  • Your options to practice skills with a particular hero used to be AI mode, Quick Match, or Custom Game. Now instead of worrying about laning, lane-clear, objectives, and the like, you can keep the main thing the main thing, and team-fight your brains out WHILE having a great time I might add.

Learn or get exposed to heroes you don’t own yet

  • You may hate Nova in competitive, but what if it’s just for fun?  You may just learn something about what she can do or how to play against her.  Win-win.

Play in a space dedicated to casual play that’s STILL challenging

  • Sometimes you just need to play without the pressure of laddering or playing OP K.T. revision 18 in Heroes League while sitting in that first draft slot. And at the same time, you still want to compete and have fun with your friends. Brawl time.


We just received a whole new game. For free. 

  • The sandbox quality of the Heroes Brawl brings infinite value to players.  A game within a game that changes shape every week.

Better community sorting

  • I’ve heard people in the past say they didn’t care about Brawl because it’s not serious.  The great thing is casual people moving over to Brawl leaves serious gamers in thei modes they prefer, creating different communities for each mode.  Having a mode dedicated to casual play funnels all the riff-raff away from the more serious game modes.  We would hope anyway.

A mode for any time commitment

  • Have a meeting in 10 minutes? Are people coming over any second but you’d like to get in a game?  Brawl will give many of us more time for focused, competitive play.


Heroes Arena acts as a communication gate

  • With Brawl, developers get to test ideas, and at the same time, players get to provide useful data and feedback through their playing.  This high quality and constant information allows players to experience more developer ideas sooner, as well as giving the developers valuable information on what works and what doesn’t, and how to make the next big change a positive one. 


Wrapping up

The new Heroes Brawl mode will inject some much-needed fun and variety into the Heroes scene.  The only question is, if Brawl comes out before BlizzCon, what will they announce AT BlizzCon?!

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