gamesuperchampion – Is D.Va coming to Heroes of the Storm?

The latest in data mining reveals what appears to be a D.Va voice quote. Could she be the latest in Overwatch Heroes to join the Nexus?

According to a massive data mine first posted here, D.Va may be joining the Heroes of the Storm cast sometime in the future.

The line in question can be seen below. Amidst all of the content and voice lines, we see Kerrigan’s “IntroResponse_DVa00”:

“Uh… thanks?”

On speculation alone, this seems like a plausible response to some Starcraft inspired quip that D.Va would say after realizing she is playing alongside Kerrigan. After all, D.Va’s lore in Overwatch is that she is a pro Starcraft player, so she of all people would appreciate being next to the Queen of Blades her self.

And of course, oblivious to the 4th wall break, it would make sense that Kerrigan’s response is less than sure of itself. “What does she mean she loved me in the Zerg campaign?”

​Whether this is all just wishful thinking, or perhaps real evidence to D.Va enterting the Nexus, it can’t be ignored that these type of data mines have a proven track record of coming true. With BlizzCon 2016 just around the corner, could this be the next big reveal?

Go forth and speculate, heroes.


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