Mage Order Hall, Suramar Palace Zone Updates, UI Improvements, Alleria Spoilers, New NPCs/Quests –

Legion Alpha coverage continues with a look at zone updates, spoilers, and UI improvements. Catch up on our recent coverage with our models post including new Doomhammer offhands and data post with updated spells and items like Thunderfury quest items!

NPC, Mission, Quest Updates

The Legion database has now been updated with NPCs and Quests. Here are the highlights:

  • New Champions – some of these champions are not what you’d expect for specs, so we put them under a spoiler tag:
    Blood DK: Nazgrim
  • Frost DK: Initiate Whitemane
  • Frost Mage: Meryl Felstorm
  • Marksmanship Hunter: Hemet Nesingwary
  • Retribution Paladin: Maximillian of Northshire

Always the Last Thing rewards the pet Reaves Battery
Sting Ray Pup is a new pet sold by Nat Pagle.
Azsuna is open and quests for the zone are up.

Notable Missions:

  • Loramus, Is That You? provides a followup on Loramus, a Demon Hunter involved in a heroic questline in the Blasted Lands. In You Are Rakh’likh, Demon, Loramus defeated Razelikh by trapping the demon in his body. The mission text states: "The dreadlord, Razelikh the Defiler has returned to the world in a new body. Strangely, he sometimes goes around killing the other demons at the Felblaze Ingress in Azsuna. Stranger still, while doing so, he refers to himself as Loramus Thalipedes, the famous demon hunter who killed him long ago in the Blasted Lands! Send your forces to Azsuna to investigate."
  • Some missions send you to work with the Wardens: Working With the Wardens: Fathnyr, Working With the Wardens: Isle of the Watchers, Working With the Wardens: Mellok, Son of Torok, Working With the Wardens: Skul’vrax
  • One of Al’akir’s Lieutenants has sided with the Burning Legion! Thunderaan’s Enemies: Alacris, Thunderaan’s Enemies: Mistius, Thunderaan’s Enemies: Tulmos, Thunderaan’s Enemies: Zeph

Zone Updates

Azsuna is a new questing zone that opened today on the Alpha, but some other zones have notable details!

The Mage Order Hall received a number of visual updates to bring it more in line with the other lavish Order Halls. We have an earlier video if you want to compare the zone to the current version, pictured below:

The Alliance area in Dalaran has received extra Gilneas-themed drapery and candles:

Due to a glitch with locked players in raids, several were able to explore Suramar Palace:

UI Improvements

Order Hall Portals

The Order Hall Portals in Dalaran now appear on your map and minimap. Several builds ago, player teleports were removed in favor of portals in themed locations in Dalaran.

Artifact UI

The Artifact UI now displays the locked third trait when you are not max level, as well as a helpful tooltip. Previously, it would only display 2 traits.

Relic Tooltips

In-game relic tooltips now display the description of the artifact trait they buff, similar to the display in the Artifact Weapon Calculator. Previously they just showed the name of the trait.

Interface Options

The Interface options are much more streamlined now.

Alleria and Turalyon Spoilers

Click the spoiler button to learn about Alleria and Turalyon.

Arator is the son of Alleria and Turalyon. Previously, players could find him in Hellfire Peninsula, and in Legion, he is found in the Paladin Order Hall.

In the latest build, his parents have a message for him:

Vindicator Boros: The vessel…it senses young Arator’s presece!
High Exarch Turalyon: If you can hear this, your mother and I have an important message for you.
Alleria: For a thousand years, we have been hunting the Burning Legion across the stars.
High Exarch Turalyon: We do not expect you to forgive us for leaving, but we did it out of love for you. To ensure your safety and the survival of our world, we chose to make this sacrifice.
Alleria: We failed in the final battle, and it is unlikely we will survive. My son, we have one final message for you and the heroes of our world.
High Exarch Turalyon: The Burning Legion will come in full force to Azeroth. These armies are led by Balnazzar, Gul’dan and Kil’jaeden. These three must fall before you can hope to defeat Sargeras.
Alleria: Azeroth is the last light of hope, Arator. Fight, or all is lost.
High Exarch Turalyon: Farewell, son. May the Light guide you.
Arator: My parents risked much to send us this warning. We must act.

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