gamesuperchampion – Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert Online

gamesuperchampion - Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert Online


Kakao Games recently released a statement regarding the use of third-party software in Black Desert Online.


“In the past we have made our stance on the use of Third Party Software very clear, simply put they will not be tolerated in Black Desert. Yesterday we launched another banwave, specifically removing players who used this type of software in an effort to maintain the integrity of the game.” – CM_Aethon


With previous ban waves, there have been questions asking us if these actions are temporary, and Kakao Games want to reiterate that they are in fact permanent.  Such action is not taken lightly; they go through an exhaustive investigation process and once they have confirmed the use of cheating software, players found in violation of the rules are removed.


“As we have worked through our logs and refined the process, we have been able to not only catch those who were actively cheating at the time, but review older logs to find those who did so to get ahead and then stopped in order to remain hidden, with their ill gotten gains.  These individuals will not be exempt from our policies either, and can expect to be removed from the game.” – CM_Aethon


For the full article please head over to the official forums here.

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