gamesuperchampion | Quantum Break’s Launch Trailer Looks Awesome

gamesuperchampion | Quantum Break’s Launch Trailer Looks Awesome

Quantum Break is almost here- we are a few short weeks away from its launch. But hey, looks like Microsoft and Remedy are already getting into the launch mood, because courtesy of IGN, we got the game’s official launch trailer today.

The trailer includes some predictably awesome footage (at some parts, it becomes hard to figure out whether what we are seeing is from the live action portions of the game or not), and some snippets from the story, all of it set to a cover of Nirvana’s Come as You Are.

At this point, even the most ardent Xbox hater/PlayStation fan will probably be forced to admit that Quantum Break looks awesome- it may even be the freshest third person shooter that is released this year (sorry Uncharted and Gears).

Quantum Break will launch on Xbox One, and on PCs running Windows 10 through the Windows Store. Check out the launch trailer below.

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