gamesuperchampion – Reborn take the ANZ finals and are headed to BlizzCon

There were a few bumps and surprises throughout the final, but the former Negative Synergy lineup secure their BlizzCon appearance.

Coming into the grand final for the ANZ scene, it was a matchup between Negative Synergy and their former lineup. Reborn with all of their experience were the favourites to take the series and represent ANZ for a third time on the global stage, but NS did not make it easy for them.

Reborn held control throughout the majority of game one on Dragon Shire. In the late game though, Negative Synergy were able to exploit some minor Reborn mistakes and take the first game of the series in surprising fashion. Reborn was expected to take the series convincingly so this first loss really spiced up the matchup.

Not deterred by the initial loss, Reborn were able to take the next three games in a row to set up match point. A notable presence in the draft throughout these games with the Medivh for Reborn, who was used to such great effect that it ended up being banned in later games

It looked as though at 3-1 and with all the momentum in their favour, Reborn was going to take the series and the ANZ championship. Game five was on Garden of Terror and for the most part was dominated by Reborn, especially with Arcaner’s Tracer being a massive pain for Negative Synergy. An ANZ event wouldn’t be complete without something crazy happening, so in an attempt to finish off the game and the series, Reborn pushed for the core, and well… this happened:

The crazy 1% core hold was enough to keep Negative Synergy in the series, but that was where their luck seemed to run out. In the next game on Towers of Doom, Reborn drafted a similar composition as game five, and played it even stronger. Reborn took the first 20 shots of core damage unanswered, and was in control for the entire match, not letting up at all.

After securing the last shots on the Negative Synergy core with help of the boss, Reborn locked up the series 4-2 and secured yet another international appearance. After their performance in the Summer, Robadobah is looking at their appearance at BlizzCon as a chance at redemption.

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