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SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 11
  • Odessen Proving Grounds & Rishi Arena
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Eternal Championship
  • Chapter 12 story time
  • Next producer livestream will be on Tuesday, April 5.

State of the Galaxy

  • Eternal Championship delayed due to quality issues. It wasn’t fun to play.
  • We know there are a couple issues with Chapter 11 launch. Patch tomorrow morning to fix. Couple more fixes by early next week (hopefully Tuesday).
  • They like to thank the youtubers/podcast for sharing info

Chapter 11

  • Join forces with Major Jorgan and Havoc Squad. Venture deep into enemy territory and change the course of war.
  • New Disavowed Cartel Market Pack is live.
    • Standing mount and Havoc armor most popular

Odessen Warzone/Rishi Arena

  • Coming with Chapter 12 on April 5th (both warzone and Rishi arena)
  • Warzone is for available to all players (both F2P and subscribers)
  • Cross-faction is only available for Odessen Proving Grounds right now, might expand to other warzones in the future.
  • Iteration in progress
    • Control Point active for 90s instead of 75s.
    • Middle control point always available in round 1
    • Battle mods available until used

QoL Improvements

  • Some QoL changes mentioned last livestream that are coming April 5th.
    • 5 strongholds, 50% increase in decoration limits for guild ships, 999 new limit for common decorations
    • 1000 member guild cap, legacy name column with primary character flag, mass selection guild management option
  • Character name improvements – allowing you to have a space in your name.
  • PvE and PvP instance types. Traditionally our servers have being a specific type, we wanted to do away with that. Now you can be on any server you want and through the map you can select PvP or PvE instance.
  • Updated server select screen to reflect the new PvP/PvE instances.
  • Social window improvements like using /who

Eternal Championship

  • Eternal Champion title available for those playing it
  • Launch date will be announced next Producer stream in 4 weeks or beforehand.
  • PTS and blog for Eternal Championship will be available late March (within next 2 weeks)

April Subscriber Rewards

  • HK-55 weapon set: Sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and vibrosword
  • Early access to Chapter 12: Vision in the Dark

SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream Coverage - gamesuperchampion.com

Story Time with Charles Boyd

  • Inside the story video blog coming soon (next week or two, could be even sooner)
  • Chapter 12: New information leads to potentially deadly mission for the alliance. Valkorion has brutal plans for the outlander. Special return appearance from some fan-favorite characters (Satele Shan and the spirit of Darth Marr). You will also get some chance to see some Odessen wilderness.
  • Alliance recruit: Akghal Usar (a dashade like Khem Val). Hidden in a mysterious tomb on Yavin 4. Need to solve an elaborate puzzle to unlock him. A deadly ally with ties to both past and present. He is a side character like Blizz.
  • When are we getting our favorite companion back?
    • They need to be tied to the story, their return need to matter.
  • How much time has passed from the time you were unfrozen to Chapter 11?
    • Couldn’t be more than a month or two
  • What happened to Elara Dorne?
    • It is likely Elora was not allowed to continue with the Havoc Squad due to her previous Imperial afflictions (Saresh wouldn’t allow someone with Empire afflictions near the top Republic elite force).

Producer Livestream Recap 3/9 | 03.11.2016, 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by SolarSaenz

How will the stronghold conquest bonus be affected now that our max number of strongholds is increased?

I checked with the team and there should be no effect on the bonus that Strongholds grant towards Conquests.


Originally Posted by squirrelballz

Eric can you please address why slicing nodes were nerfed from prototype lockboxes to premium lockboxes? Thanks for the update as well.

Slicing nodes were dropping more credits than intended so that changed allowed us to bring those credit gains back to a more desired range. This is also without impacting Slicing Crew Skill Missions, which can still drop Prototype Lockboxes.


Originally Posted by DerSchneider

SO many people asked on the stream and you told nothing.
Will season 7 lauch on 5th april, or you are closing ranked pvp?

The team is still discussing what the plans are for the start of the next Season. As soon as I have more information I will pass it on!

Producer Livestream Recap 3/9 | 03.11.2016, 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by Jerba

Can you please clarify what this means? How much bonus will there be for four strongholds at 100% each, and how much total bonus will be there be for four strongholds at 100% each? 
That sentence can be interpreted in multiple ways (no effect on individual bonus, no effect on total bonus, no effect on "you have to have each stronghold at 100% for max bonus").

Yup, happy to clarify.

The cap for the Conquest bonus from Strongholds is still 100%. This bonus is now calculated based on your top 4 most completed Strongholds. Meaning even if you have 5 Strongholds at 100%, your bonus will still only be 100%, not 125%. By there being no effect, I mean that if you have 100% right now, you will still have 100% when the 5th Stronghold is activated.

Hope that makes sense!


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