gamesuperchampion – Steeelback: start of a new era for ROCCAT?

After narrowly avoiding relegation, could ROCCAT’s Steeelback signing be the start of better times?

Days ago, ESPN’s Jacob Wolf reported a surprising pickup for Team ROCCAT; former Unicorns of Love AD carry, Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi. While Steeelback’s former team finished a mediocre fifth place in the EU LCS Spring Split, Steeelback was actually one of the top performing AD carries of the tournament. His KDA ratio of 6.8 means he was the number two ADC in Europe and being involved in almost 72% of the kills, he’s in the top 5 kill contributors for the role, too.

With such an impressive performance from an AD carry clearly near the top of his role, the move to a team that just recently was fighting tooth and nail to keep hold of its spot in the LCS came as a surprise to many, even if Steeelback’s move from UoL did not.

After expressing interest in leaving his team several weeks ago, Steeelback was looking to find himself a place in the NA LCS. He only received one offer from NA Challengers, Dream Team, which speaks of a surprising lack of interest for such a strong carry (perhaps due to his former team’s fifth place in the Spring Split).

According to ESPN sources, “Steeelback has chosen the team due to its proposed lineup”. As of Steeelback being signed, ROCCAT has 3 positions filled with the players joining jungler Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia, and mid laner Felix “Betsy” Edling. The news has caused much speculation over which player is so promising in the remaining spots as to catch the attention of one of Europe’s top ADCs.

And that raises the question. Could this be a turning point for team ROCCAT? Perhaps coming so close to losing its position in the LCS was enough to spur managers into action and begin securing some top-tier picks to at least climb their way up to a safer position?

As of right now there’s been no word about who will be signed to the remaining spots. But, ROCCAT definitely has at least one top-tier player to build its team around. Could this represent the start of a turning point for ROCCAT?

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