gamesuperchampion – Taste-uh mah blade-duh! (New Hero revealed)

Samwise Didier reveals the long-awaited Blademaster as the next hero to arrive in the Nexus.

Spoiled this morning by Judgehype, a popular French gaming site, Samwise Didier confirmed today that the next character to enter Heroes of the Storm will be Samuro, the Blademaster from the Orc faction of Warcraft III.

The most visually impressive of the Orc heroes from the venerable game and the only one to never have been converted into a World of Warcraft notable character, Samuro will likely be a melee asssassin. His abilities in WCIII seem particularly suited to a character in Heroes; not surprisingly, given that that game was the inspiration for the Defense of the Ancients mod, which spawned the entire MOBA genre. The complication is that they all seem to duplicate abilities that are already present in the game. Wind Walk is cloaking; Mirror Image is Nova’s Holo Decoy; and the likely heroic, Bladestorm, is Sonya’s Whirlwind. This was seen by some casters as a problem with Zarya, who duplicates Tyrael’s and Tassadar’s abilities to some degree.

However, we can’t really doubt Blizzard’s talent for skill creation until we’ve actually seen the final package. It’s easy to imagine him possessing some form of inherent Block or Dodge (“I listen!”), possibly a strike that blinds (“I hear and obey!”), and a heroic that leaves his blade attacking on its own while he attacks elsewhere (“My blade seeks vengeance!”) but, again, we’ll have to wait for more detail.

It’s likely that we’re too close to Zarya’s release to see Samuro before the end of the month, so he definitely won’t be making an appearance at Blizzcon. But with the introduction of Brawl, the beginning of HGC, and the release of one of the most beloved characters of the founding game of MOBAs, it looks like this will be a very exciting Christmas season for Heroes of the Storm.

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