gamesuperchampion – The Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt 2016

Spring is in the air and Noblegarden is coming to Azeroth. For the sixth consecutive year, it’s coming to Wowhead as well! We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Blizzard Gear Shop and WoW TCG Loot and bought tons of prizes on our own to create a Brightly Colored Egg hunt you’ll remember.

So grab your Egg Basket and hop around Wowhead’s database of a backyard if you want to win!

The contest begins on March 28th, 2016 and ends on April 4th, 2016 at 11:59PM PDT. Participants will have ten possible chances to enter the drawing.


  • 1x Wooly White Rhino
  • 1x Epic TCG Tabard
  • 5x Bulwark of Azzinoth Backpack
  • 5x Mists of Pandaria Mahjong Set
  • 5x NECA Heroes of the Storm Illidan Action Figure
  • 5x NECA Heroes of the Storm Arthas Action Figure
  • 5x NECA Heroes of the Storm Stitches Deluxe Action Figure
  • 5x Stitches Plush with In-Game skin
  • 20x Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Figurine
  • 5x Enchanted Fey Dragon and Alterac Brew Pup
  • 5x Brightpaw
  • 5x Mystic Runesaber
  • 10x Path of Cenarius

How to Win

So how do you play? The Wowhead community team has hidden ten Brightly Colored Eggs in our database and it’s up to you to find them before the holiday week is over. We’ll provide you the clues, but you’ll have to do the rest of the sleuthing on your own.

For every clue you answer by visiting its respective database entry, you’ll get entered into the contest through unlocking a special holiday Wowhead achievement. The achievement can be earned up to ten times meaning you have ten chances to win.

Participating is as easy as reading the riddles and going on a hunt through Wowhead’s database while logged in. Use your own resources and get creative while looking for the answers; try searching for various keywords found in the clues and remember that Google is always your friend.

And if you get stuck, don’t despair–some of them are hard while some are easy, so everyone should be able to get at least one entry into this contest!

Here are the ten clues for the ten eggs:

  1. Toys are awesome. Sadly this toy’s sauce was removed from the game, a fact which makes many collectors see red since many destroyed it before it acquired its toy status.
  2. These don’t seem to be so frightening at first…but once you get a closer look, these guys are actually terrifying! Rumors have it that you can actually become one of them after having a particularly ripe fruit.
  3. Those who want a sneak peek into the story of the upcoming Warcraft film would best ask those who are Well Read on this story or perhaps track it down to read themselves!
  4. While you may be more familiar with the hashtag version of this achievement, it was a fun in-game challenge to find some costumes for everyone’s favorite bundle of orange.
  5. This pet was so shy, she was hidden for weeks before players discovered her! Still, we’re happy to finally get an easily obtainable version of this pet–the others cost a lot and some of them are even region specific!
  6. Learn about the Emerald Dream and meet some friends along the way while hunting down this moose.
  7. This star in the upcoming Warcraft Movie has been through a lot of anguish and sorrow…and Garrison Resources.
  8. Much to everyone’s anger, this sun-loving friend was broken at the start of Warlords of Draenor. Afterwards, everyone would group up every 17 minutes hoping to see his hide and snag epic loot!
  9. With Legion, Demon Hunters are a playable class! However long before that, people enjoyed pretending to be Illidari with not only Warglaives but these wear-on tattoos.
  10. Your friends will abandon you when they see you’ve acquired this creepy vanity item-—one of the first flavor trinkets added to WoW.

Solve these ten clues to receive ten entries and ten chances to win the contest!

If you get stuck on a number you can always ask your friends, Google, or even your guildmates. It’s also important to know that a clue will always refer to a specific item or NPC–meaning if it’s a mount, we want the item you learn the mount from, not the spell for it. You can also read the comments here at Wowhead and see if anyone has added another tip! Just make sure you don’t post the exact answers here on Wowhead or you’ll be disqualified and temporarily banned until the hunt is over.

Rules and Qualifications

  • This contest is open to anywhere that residents are allowed to participate in contests. If we can’t ship to your country we may opt to provide an equal valued digital prize or currency.
  • No one may win more than one prize. While you might enter multiple times, you can’t walk away with two prizes.
  • If you win, the contest page will be edited to include your Wowhead username and you will be contacted via the email address associated with that account. Make sure your Wowhead information is updated; we don’t want a certain Spring Rabbit to have to skip your house because you didn’t answer!
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.
  • Contest fine print can be found here

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