Update – August 10th on gamesuperchampion

Update – August 10th on gamesuperchampion


Kakao Games recent update to the NA/EU servers for Black Desert Online include the addition of Pearl Items being available on the Market Place as well as Tier 8 Horses and much more.


With this latest patch Pearl Items will be available on the Market Place, as announced previously.  Restrictions have been put in place to limit the number of items that can be listed on a weekly basis.  In conjunction with the previously announced restrictions on this system, the game play data will be carefully monitored to find a suitable balance.


A maximum of 5 Pearl Shop items can be registered weekly per account.


Tier 8 Horses have been released!


Update – August 10th on gamesuperchampion


Imperial Delivery (Crafting and Horse) content has been released!


Imperial cooking, alchemy crafting trade has been added and the new trader NPCs have also been added.


  1. Olvia: Lotz Pavarotti
  2. Heidel: Pasvinder
  3. Calpheon: Bech
  4. Altinova: Liff
  5. Valencia: Shandi Yut


For a full list of all Patch Notes please head over to the official forums here.


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