Warframe: The Silver Grove Goes Live With A New Warframe on gamesuperchampion

Warframe: The Silver Grove Goes Live With A New Warframe on gamesuperchampion

A new Warframe update called The Silver Grove went live for the PC version of the game earlier today, bringing with it a new Warframe called Titania, which was undoubtedly inspired by the queen of the fairies herself. Titiania can make use of “razor-winged butterflies,” lures, and the ability to turn into a “small but deadly” fairy.

The update also improves upon the in-game sport Lunaro with a new map and a “dedicated ‘pass’ button.” A new Glyph system gives players new ways to leave their mark on the world, should they be so inclined.

Highlights from the update are as follows.

NEW WARFRAME TITANIA: Trance your enemies with the mystical powers of Lotus’ newest warrior, Titania. Overwhelm your foes with swarms of razor-winged butterflies, distract opponents with shiny lures, and morph into a small but deadly, flying fairy. This incredible shrinking Warframe packs a big punch!

NEW LUNARO IMPROVEMENTS: Tenno, at the ready! Warframe’s recently released team sport Lunaro is expanding! Flip your perspective with a new Steel Meridian-themed Map, featuring a sideways net and mid-field ramps. Experience new gameplay improvements including a dedicated ‘pass’ button and the ability to guard while holding the Lunaro. Matchmaking improvements and the introduction of volunteer servers means you — along with your teammates and adversaries — will experience even smoother and more consistent Lunaro gameplay.

NEW GLYPH SYSTEM: Leave more than just bodies of fallen enemies on the battlefield. Leave your mark with Warframe’s new Glyph system. Choose from a variety of Glyph designs and make a statement in your environment.

For more information, be sure to check out the update’s mini-site.

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