Watch the Blademaster and new skins in action in the new in development video on gamesuperchampion

In addition to the recently announced Samuro, Blizzard released a new video showcasing Halloween-themed skins and mounts.

With the recent announcement of the next hero Samuro, Blizzard has just released a new In Development video. In the video, you can view the animations for all of Samuro’s abilities along with the Hellblade skin-themed variations.

You can view more information on Samuro’s abilities and talents, here.

Furthermore, the video showcases new skins for Valla (Deputy Valla), Kael’thas (Cyberhawk Kael’thas), and Xul (Scarecrow Xul). Lastly, two new mounts will enter the Nexus: the Hellboar, which matches quite well with Hellblade Samuro, and the strange yet suitably named Eye Pad.

Samuro could potentially arrive on the PTR on the week of October 10 and on the live servers on the week of October 17 with the new Heroes Brawl mode. While Blizzard only unveiled one new hero in this video, one can assume they will be keeping their cards close to their chest until BlizzCon.

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Are you more excited for the new skins or the Blademaster?

The Blademaster! His blade can cut through armor, and still cut a tomato!

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The new skins! Blizzard really went the extra mile on the new skins.

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