A lot of players have issues with soul stone plains

I know a lot of players have issues with soul stone plains, to be honest, I am one of them, i hate SSP’s current setup but the answer I am hearing is not an answer, its a problem, its a way to make more players quit this game, SSP needs a revamp and disabling it so its a useless on weekdays, its a major flaw, a major mistake, dont get me wrong ssp is no where near perfect. I know with the upcoming 6v6, ncsoft wants players to play it.

but its not a place for those who don’t like pvp, and it also is a place where the more money you can spend on the game the better you do, meaning those who cant afford to spend money on the game are at a disadvantage and in some cases a huge disadvantage. IF you are going to disable SSP provide a different place for players to farm moonstone other then 6V6, that is just a smarter move, forcing people to go to 6V6 will just *cricket* players off and will ultimately make players quit.


I love this game, but im tempted to stop supporting the game or company anymore. There has been some pretty stupid things done on NCSoft’s end, but this by far takes the cake, prices of moonstone have raised just from the announcement, all the while low level players who want to level and upgrade their equipment are having harder and harder time to get the materials because of dropping prices of materials, higher level players quitting dungeons from cross server just because someone with low ap is in that dungeon, rich controlling the market prices, Etc.

There are already plenty of players complaining, some even debating quitting the game right now. If ncsoft goes through with this, there will problems, and Blade and soul will see a drop in players, in turn, a drop in profit for the game, and we don’t want to see this game fail because ncsoft’s solutions are worthless to say the least.

I know some people will be happy to see SSP changes, but they may not realize the damage this will produce to the game’s economy, and the player base and what they want, Those who agree, lets make NCSoft aware of how unhappy we are, there has to be a better solution then this.

This idea is just plain dumb in my opinion. Just think about the consequences of this nerf. SSP is going to be packed on weekends, meaning its going to be a lag fest and people with bad pcs won’t be able to get moonstones through ssp at all. Low level people who cannot do naksun or 6v6 usually come to ssp to make moonstones cuz its the easier method, with how I packed ssp is going to be on weekends they will even struggle getting credit for the bosses.

The way I seeit, this is just a basic attempt at shoving 6v6 down our throats cuz rn its looking like the best way to make moonstones and for ppl who cannot pvp or just don’t like this will be horrendous. I see a lot of players, especially newcomers dropping the game as soon as they the roadblock that is moonstones.

I hate ssp but still make more moonstone faster then mushin’s tower, now imagine being a new player, you need moonstone, guess what, it is gonna take these new players twice as long if not longer to get the money for the moonstone, they cant get to floor 15 to get moonstone to farm it, so go ahead, think its an over reaction, those poor low ap players who suffer because of ignorant people like you.

Naksun is boring and the amount of ms we get from there -the ones with bad rng like me -is insignifiant.I think this is a masochistic movement,they are shooting themselfs in the leg right now with those things.Revelation Online is coming ,ppls are already stressed out by too much grind -no one would happily grind even more then this with less rewards.Weekends are normally very laggy ,everything is crowded and many of us can’t even do dailies in those days because the imense lag spikes. Bad move, NCwest,very bad move.Reconsider pls,before your players get more unhappy then they already are.

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