Albion Online – 1st Look at Upcoming Beta II

Great video. What do you think about trying final beta? I want to play this game but dont know when will game release. Any idea on rel date?Should I buy pack and play some before release date.

Rules are the same. If you ask AO and are making a video that is not for personal gains, they are great at accommodating and are often happy for the publicity.

Thank for the review. Butther eis too much emphasis to looks, and I do not care as much about them, to me Gameplay > Graphics Looks. And so Far this game lacks in that regard, too much grind it seems to much emphasis on economy. Gold and Silver, I was a review from 2015 and there were Gold sellers in it and the game has not even released yet. That tells me a ton about what kind of game it is. Otherwise there would not be gold sellers.

The environment seems to look better and not be so static as it as before but combat still seems very lack luster. Wondering if the concerns from January were taken care of or not but will see on the 1st I suppose.

Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get back into it. I noticed when i logged in not to long ago that i was removed from the guild. (rightfully so, i was away on work for most of the duration of the last beta test) Will I need to reapply on the website when the time comes? I do plan on playing the game, I just had no time to log on during the last test. Thank you!

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