Albion Online 2017 | Changes bound to come At/After release

What I would like to see in the map design is indicators of resource locations, both on the world map and the mini map. It is tiring running around as a gatherer to find resource hot spots. Also, I think the map should show the tier of the resource. I think it would make for some great open world pvp competition if people saw .4 resources pop up on the map and could compete to harvest them rather than all this harvesting done in the safety of obscurity of the giant map. I have not ganked 1 gatherer this beta and I have over 1.75 mil pvp fame.

Also, I’m hoping when they release the next map that the zones are not all the same size square. It would be nice if the shape of the map took on a complex shape like an octogon for example. I don’t like how every zone is basically the same setup where people don’t have to study the map and can just run from zone to zone mindlessly by going in a diaginal direction. I would like to see exits in the middle of the map as well as on edges and unique things of that sort. They also need to make the zone loading shield much shorter, but that is a matter for another video.

Anyway, good job on another vid man! I dont think they will change leveling times too much. Getting T8 is ok, but considering it would take you 323 days grinding a yellow zone blue dungeon like sleet every day at least once to get to 10/10 masteries(not considering lp), I think the time it takes to level is fine.

I disagree because it still takes time to collect them both traveling and harvesting. I think it would just encourage more pvp because people would know exactly where the best resources were. I mean, say you go harvest some t6.4 tree, you had better be careful on your way back because people will know you harvested it if they’re checking the map. Besides, once you know where the resource hot spots are it is easy to return to them as an experienced player. Putting the resources on the map would help make the game more noob friendly.

You think way to much about this game, You need some porn in your life. Yeah its to easy to level up it should be much harder. You can get t5 in a few hours of game play. Why even have tiers if its that easy.

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