Albion Online Solo Assassin Build

I would recommend buying into the game early the first 3 days are critical to keep up in tiers with the top guilds/players… legendary founders start on the 1st day epic founders start on the second day and the normal founders start on the 3rd day thats mostly the the perks..

the best is legend founders pack because it comes with a horse and an ox which is key if u want to actually want to get an advantage early game i highly recommend that pack which is 100$ u.s.

I remember you I think. My poison killed you at the town gate and I was unable to execute cause your downed body zoned into the city lol. Yeah I use bear trap while killing animals for skinning and it is nice to have against melee. If I was purely prepared for mages then Bear Trap is a no go.

i am user of .3 leather, and as you said is only good for escape and for 1v1 in the town outside the only armor that is good is .2 leather/ u must hit and run all the time as range ,with the armor .3 u loose the stacks and sometimes stealth will be useless in open world because u may escape but u will never catch up anything ….btw I am 6.6 user of leather armor and i have test very well.

The crossbow is basically just a cannon, it does a lot of damage but that is all. The warbow does not do much damage but has a lot of utility in terms of CC and escape/chase potential. For this reason, Warbow makes for a better solo/roaming weapon but, if you were in the right group or in a gvg then crossbow is certainly powerful.

I have been looking into this game for a while and I think I am going to buy into the beta. The only thing I am wondering is, how many people do you think are going to be playing this game? I really enjoy games where there are many players in towns and such.

The game only has 1 server so everyone is on one server at all times… last time i looked at the ranking’s there were 200k+ ppl playing and that in beta but overall when the game drops u most likley will see millions playing.. its hands down one of the best rpg sandboxes (in my opinion).

i never got into Runescape and people keep kind of comparing it to that. I was a huge wow fan though back in the day and have played multiple other mmos as well. It sounds like you really like this one though, and I’m contemplating getting it. Not many mmo’s have been able to keep my attention though as of late so I am slightly hesitant. How do you compare it to others?

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