All warehouses will be merged based on region



There have been many discussions regarding the New World Announcement, many with good questions being presented inside of them, alongside several new threads being created of a similar nature. I’ll be combining them into a single thread, for ease of access so our staff can read and gather questions, while helping prevent some of the confusion that is inevitably generated on such active topics. We ask that you present any further discussions or questions inside of this thread to aid in this process.

Below you will find a link to a FAQ that has been prepared to answer a good portion of the questions that we believed you fine folks would be asking. We of course expect there will be many more presented, and we’ll be doing our best to field answers to them as quickly as possible. Please note this can take some time as we present batches of questions from several languages to our developers and back.

All warehouses will be merged based on region. Even if the total number of items a player keeps in storage exceeds 192 slots (which is the maximum capacity), each of the items that exceed the limit will be merged into the same Town’s Warehouse. The items will show up in order of the time they were stored; the newest one first, and the oldest one last. As items are taken out of the warehouse, any items in the overflow slots will move into normal accessible slots.

If people from other servers will have multiple boss gear, who the fk cares? People doing bosses on a daily basis and get bossgear as well, guess what they did something for it. Now people getting the same from the box from different servers, and… they did something for this as well. They won’t have a huge advantage because of this.

I’m sorry to say I missed the boat on claiming rewards on additional servers, and even tho I struggle to see it as an exploit, the created gap is huge. It exceeds a billion sliver in value, and a ton of loyalty (which translates to a significant sum of RL cash) so it’d be nice to see the field levelled a bit before the merge (to mollify the inevitable backlash).

It certainly wouldn’t be fair to delete or deny access to played characters and gear, but it’s undeniably a cynical move to log on other servers simply for rewards – so perhaps an additional event or opportunity for those who haven’t previously claimed those particular login & boss rewards might be fair?

Sorry to say but you promote cunning over playing the game actually. What is the difference between creating character only for getting rewards, and using shovel exploit? Both is done only to get advantage income over other people. I don’t believe u said that actually… This is your tribute for those people cause they made u look good when it goes to numbers (number of characters, unique login over the server)? I feel cheated.

Yeah first ask us in the beginning if we want a mega-server (which we didn’t want to) and then just do it anyway… I mean I’m fine with players profiting from this and I’m fine with the server-merge but those that didn’t except a ware-house merge, are just getting. Who even makes chars (LEGIT) on all servers? People just gambled because they hoped for this and won. Those that prefered staying safe, playing the game as it’s supposed to be played, those that have little time to play, got pranked Ethan Bradberry-style.

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