Basing matchmaking on gear would increase queues to extremes

I am tired of every single match and this is no joke, everyone is a mismatch. Wether I am on the winning or as is most usual the losing side every battle is imbalanced. Everyone. Trying to get to 100 wins in wwv is ludicrous. A bit more manageable in beluga but in wwv almost a nightmare. I know nothing about coding, who is responsible nothing what I do know is that I am a paying customer and this is beyond frustrating. Someone somewhere in this company has to know about this issue and you guys need to do something about it. It is UNFAIR!

Anytime anyone has anytrhing to say about this gam its crying. Well you cant tell me stop crying if thats how you see it. I see a problem. I do not know how to solve it but it is a problem to me. I may be the only person in the game who ses this as an issue but to me it is a problem and I am speaking out about it. So excuse my tears but something about the matchmaking system is terribly flawed!


The above comment explained it all  The queue times will increase from 2-3mins to 15-20 or even 30min which is unacceptable. If only people decide to actually participate and not only whine its not equalized or whale fest or w/e other excuse they find. If it was such a problem why it wasnt changed on the other regions? Because people actually wanna take part of it even tho they are 300-400-500-600ap. Because it gives good rewards and stuff.

The only issue I have is that the distribution of these weaker geared people seems to be heavily skewed towards 1 team. I believe the way matchmaking currently works is that it will organize teams based on first come first serve. People in pairs (usually geared people) queue in and they are placed together with other pairs before singles (usually ungeared in lower elo) are placed in to fill in the missing spots. The issue comes after where the system will just fill in spots with solo-queue players on the other team not realizing that those people are probably undergeared for their opponents. I see this problem happening in the very low elos of the battlegrounds. After a certain elo, the matchmaking becomes a lot better and gear balance is fairly equal.

A guildmate of mine suggested adding a lower elo rank than 1300 to help out people struggling. Those who cannot get wins against geared people will fall below the starting 1300 at which point they will begin to be paired with people of similar gear. Its not perfect, but its the only thing I can see actually working for people to be able to get wins and more BP at lower levels of gear.

If you’re going to make a formal complaint, at least bring up a solution of some sort rather than just yelling, kicking and screaming until something is changed. But wanting an “all fair, everyone happy” 6v6 is not possible. There will always be some unhappy people. You also have to remember, you can’t blame a system all the time, some of the blame goes towards the community for that bothering to improve their gear for 6v6.

Basing matchmaking on gear would increase queues to extremes with certain “brackets”, and ontop of that, would become wildly abused as someone would just put on weak gear to get queued and change their gear once they get in the match to their real gear. You can’t stop people from changing their gear or build in 6v6 because that would not be realistic, as changing things to fit the battle ahead of you is very important.

The matchmaking with the brackets will not solve the problem because what do you use to define the brackets? Like the above stated, using AP to define brackets are stupid as AP is nothing in 6v6. It is about piercing, cdef, def, accuracy, etc. All of them contribute to how long you can survive in group fight and how fast you can kill other people. Also, dividing the brackets will take a very long quene time. At least I don’t want to quene for 30+ minute and finally when I get in a match, i am matched up with same AP as mine, but without any cdef or piercing.

I think the current system is fine. If you are in the bad team, just try to get some bg points even though you know you are going to lose. If you can’t even get a single point in the match, then just quit the game and log back in again to save some time (assuming you have a fast computer with quick loading screen) because you are going to lose elo rank anyways and with 0 point in the match either in beluga or wwv, you won’t get any bg points in the end no matter how much you contribute. No one can have 100% win in 6v6.

Also, a little suggestion would be that after you lose the match and go back to the lobby, don’t press the lfp button immediately. This is to avoid having to fight against same team or with the same teammates. I would say wait for 10-15 minute or go do a dungeon first before entering again. This way you will get different people in the match (most likely).

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