2016 is quite a long time from now, at least when it comes to waiting for a game to come out. That doesn’t stop us from peeking in on what is happening with Black Desert during the Korean Beta though!

Check out this new video, courtesy of Steparu, that gives you a bit of a peek at some more boss like monsters and what Pearl Abyss has up their sleeves when it comes to sieges.

From laying down blockades to hiding in foliage, I like a lot of the subtle touches in place here that you don’t see in other games. Even the characters turning and covering their ears as cannons fire is a great touch. My favorite part of the video though is the last few seconds. Just as the fighters on horseback are on their way in, cannon and gun fire erupt and the whole area is covered with smoke.

This is a system I really can’t wait to try. I hope it ends up as intriguing as it looks!

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